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Buy Bitcoins from Columbia Basin Mining, LLC’s Crowdfunding Opportunity

Columbia Basin Mining (“CBM”) is currently in the process of putting together a crowdfunding campaign that will allow backers to buy bitcoins in advance at a savings of 25% - 45% off of market price. Our crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2017. The objective of the crowdfunding campaign is to expand CBM’s operations by 10MW. Given CBM’s ability to mine Bitcoin more efficiently, CBM will be offering, for sale, pre-paid Bitcoin at a lower-than-market value to be delivered after the expansion is complete (estimated November 2017).

The Bitcoin market is speculated to grow over the next few years allowing backers to maximize potential profits through an arbitrage given the low entry price through our campaign. Some Bitcoin speculations have Bitcoin reaching the $2,000 mark by the end of 2017. Assuming the speculation price of $1,400 USD and with CBM’s special pricing, your pre-paid Bitcoin could have a 230% to 320% higher value. Our pricing will depend on when you want delivery of your Bitcoin Paper Wallet except for the following two first come first serve pricing options:

Our pre-paid bitcoin pricing can be found in the link below, based on monthly delivery schedules starting January 2018.

CBM’s crowdfunding campaign will be seeking to raise $8,000,000 to help cover the costs associated with mining Bitcoins. If completely funded, CBM will begin expansion of its mining facility and given the current Bitcoin prices, should be completed by November 2017. If not completely funded, the crowdfunding platform will return the money to backers. As soon as the expansion is complete, CBM will begin filling Bitcoin orders in a first-come-first-serve basis until all orders are fulfilled.

Backers will receive a Bitcoin Paper Wallet in the denominated amount from CBM. Once you receive the paper wallet, the Bitcoin address will be funded upon confirmation of receipt of the wallet. Once confirmed, the wallet will be immediately available for use.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Examples

mining bitcoins, bitcoin investment, make money with bitcoin, buy bitcoins

Columbia Basin Mining, LLC’s Bitcoin Mining Production Timeline

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