Purchase pre-paid Bitcoin at a
savings of 25% to 45% off market price.


Columbia Basin Mining, LLC (“CBM”) has re-engineered Bitcoin mining to be a more efficient and lucrative process, allowing CBM to offer unique ways to become part of the Bitcoin community and profit on the market upswing.

Participating in bitcoin mining at home or in the cloud can be difficult to obtain a positive return on your investment. When you buy Bitcoins at market price to hold, it can be profitable, however, you are buying at a high price. What are the best options for you?

CBM gives another option by making Bitcoin investing attainable and profitable for all levels of interest. Invest in Bitcoin with Columbia Basin Mining at a savings of 25% to 45% off market price (this campaign is assigning a market price of $8,000 USD per Bitcoin)..


Columbia Basin Mining, LLC has a detailed Confidential Investment Memorandum for an accredited investor(s). This investment opportunity is for our Phase One project ("NewCo"), with a substantial equity position in the NewCo and a two-tiered royalty payment of all net mining profits of NewCo for the life of the operation.

If you are an accredited investor (verification required), please send an E-Mail request to info@columbiabasinmining.com for a copy of our PPM.